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Ensuring Cleanliness and Safety: Trusted School Cleaning Services in Long Island


Discover the impeccable standards of EmpireHomeserv.com, where our school cleaning services in Long Island redefine cleanliness. Our team brings years of experience to create a hygienic learning environment that prioritizes student health.


Why Clean Schools Matter


In New York, we understand the importance of a germ-free academic setting. With our expert team, every corner of your school’s restrooms and common areas receives unparalleled attention—ensuring students in Long Island City benefit from top-tier cleaning solutions.

Depth of Services 


Our full-time and part-time custodians wield advanced disinfecting methods to maintain an immaculate work environment. From vacuuming carpets to mopping floors, attention to detail is our promise. We excel in window cleaning and deeper chores like construction cleaning, essential for any renovation or upgrade in your facility.

Specialized Cleaning with a Personal Touch


EmpireHomeserv.com offers tailored cleaning plans for various spaces including cafeterias, classrooms, and daycares. We recognize that medical facilities require rigorous disinfecting services —a promise we fulfill daily across NYC.


Our Unique Approach 


Our cleaners are adept at spotless office cleaning services, benefiting busy administrative spaces where a pristine workspace is vital. Light switches, door handles, and high-traffic areas are meticulously sanitized by our experts.


A Commitment to Excellence


Partner with EmpireHomeserv.com for professional cleaning services, encompassing deep cleaning sessions that refresh every inch of your educational establishment. Whether it’s carpet cleaning to reduce allergens or thorough window cleaning for an inspiring view, trust our Imperial Cleaning team for high-quality results.


Get Started with a Customized Cleaning Plan


Ready for an elevated standard of clean? Reach out to 631-557-3012 or 631-928-0225 for a free quote on commercial cleaning services tailored to fit your school’s unique needs in Long Island and beyond—an investment in your institution’s reputation and the well-being of your community.

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