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Spotless Yards: Your Premier Dog Poop Cleanup Service

If you’re tired of stepping around dog poop and wish for a consistently clean yard, you’ve come to the right place. At EmpireHomeserv.com,  we understand the struggles dog owners face in maintaining a spotless outdoor space. Our professional dog poop pick up service is designed to relieve you of the hassle associated with pet waste removal.


Why Choose Our Poop Scooping Expertise?

Our dedicated techs are not just skilled in effectively removing dog waste; they are also trained to deodorize your yard, ensuring a refreshing environment for both homeowners and their furry friends. Whether you have a quaint home garden or administer sprawling apartment complexes and dog parks, our poop scooping services are apt for every scale.


Customized Scheduling To Fit Your Needs

We offer flexible scheduling options including weekly pick-ups or an ‘other week‘ plan tailored to fit your lifestyle. For those managing commercial property or HOAs, we provide meticulous weekly service plans designed to maintain clean and hygienic communal spaces with our dog waste removal services.


Benefits of Regular Dog Waste Cleanup

Pooper scooper service extends beyond merely picking up pet poop. Our comprehensive cleanup services prevent the build-up of doggie doo, which can be harmful to both kids playing outdoors and adults enjoying their green space. With our systematic pet waste removal services, we also contribute towards healthier public areas in service areas like neighborhoods, doggie daycares, and community centers.


Still Unsure? Let Us Ease Your Concerns

Browse through our FAQ for common queries regarding our deep cleaning services and the products used by Empire Homeserve’s professionals, or directly reach out to our friendly customer support. If terms or specific details are what you need, simply request a free quote from us without any obligation.


Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

At EmpireHomeserv.com, we uphold the promise of quality with our satisfaction guarantee. We ensure that each professional pooper scooper has the know-how and equipment needed to keep your outdoor areas pristine.

Let EmpireHomeserv.com help you reclaim the joy of a clean environment. Call 631-557-3012 or text 631-928-0225 and allow our dedicated dog poop removal service to create spotless yards so you can focus on enjoying time with your pets rather than cleaning after them.

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