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Paws Off: Professional Dog Poop Pick Up Service for Busy Pet Owners

Pet Waste Removal Services to Maintain Your Lawn


As experts at EmpireHomeserv.com, we understand the challenges of balancing a hectic schedule and maintaining a yard free of dog waste. Our professional dog poop pick up service is designed to give you back your valuable time while ensuring your outdoor space is spotless and hygienic.


Why Pet Waste Removal is Crucial


For anyone who’s stepped in a pile of poo unexpectedly, the importance of regular poop scooping services can’t be overstated. Not just unpleasant, dog poop poses health risks and can attract unwanted pests, including flies, ants, termites, due to the high levels of nitrogen and other nutrients contained in the waste. Utilizing a pooper scooper service relieves dog owners from this dirty work and keeps your yard inviting and safe for everyone to enjoy.


Our Services Tailored to Your Needs


At EmpireHomeserv.com, we offer several cleanup options. Whether you need weekly service or bi-weekly assistance, our techs are equipped to handle your needs with efficiency. Our services include: residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, pet waste management, and much more. 


Dog Poop Cleanup


Let us do the dirty deed of picking up after your pooch. With tools designed for swift pet waste removal, our team leaves you with a clean yard you’ll be proud to showcase.


Regular Scheduling Options


Opt for our weekly service or every other week solutions based on the demands of your household. Commercial properties, such as dog parks, can also benefit from our regular cleanup services.


Pricing and Free Quotes


Affordability is key in any dog waste removal service. We ensure transparent pricing and offer free quotes so you’re aware of costs upfront—no surprises.


Deodorizing and Sanitizing


Removing the waste isn’t enough; we also deodorize and sanitize the area to eliminate odors and decrease health hazards within your service area. We not only target the surface but also study the underlying cause behind odor and bacteria. This helps in guaranteeing hygiene and a fresh scent to your property.


Guaranteed Satisfaction


Our satisfaction guarantee means we commit to high-quality dog poop removal service each time we visit. If you’re not entirely pleased with our work, we’ll make it right. Empire Homeserve is  committed to ensure you are happy with our services and your health and safety is our priority.


Choosing EmpireHomeserv.com


With EmpireHomeserv.com’s professional pooper scooper services, you get more than just dog poop pick-up; you gain peace of mind knowing that every aspect of pet waste management is handled meticulously by trained professionals. Our friendly techs are dedicated to ensuring a poofree yard that compliments your busy lifestyle without compromising quality or convenience.

Ready to reclaim your free yard from unwanted messes? Call Empire Homeserve at 631-557-3012 to obtain your free quote on our dog waste removal service. Taking pride in keeping Tempe‘s residential yards and commercial properties clean, our pet waste removal company is here to take on this necessary task all year-round with unwavering dedication.

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