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Yard Heroes: Dedicated Dog Poop Cleaning Service

Keeping Your Yard Sparkling with Dog Poop Clean Up Services


As experts at EmpireHomeserv.com, we’re here to tell you that the days of worrying about pet waste in your yard are over. With our dedicated dog poop removal services, you can ensure a clean and hygienic outdoor space for your family and pets to enjoy. Forget about the hassle of picking up after your pooch our team of skilled techs is here to do the dirty work for you.


Scheduling Your Pet Waste Removal Service


Staying on top of dog waste is crucial for a clean yard, which is why we offer flexible scheduling to fit your lifestyle. No matter if you require weekly service or occasional pet waste removal, we cater to your time frame. Contact Empire Homeserve, and we’ll be happy to discuss service day options that work best in your service area.


The Pooper Scooper Service That Goes Above and Beyond


Our pooper scooper service doesn’t just pick up dog poop; we ensure thorough cleaning with every visit. Some of our services include:

  • Checking every corner of your yard and providing deodorizing treatment to neutralize odors, leaving you with a fresh lawn every time.
  • Maintaining clean carpets and rugs, since carpets trap dust, allergens, and stains.We ensure regular carpet cleaning for a prolonged carpet life preserving a healthy indoor air quality and enhancing your rug’s appearance.
  • Preserving your air ducts from any harmless particles with our thorough cleaning services which promotes a healthier lifestyle and environment. 
  • Pool services such as leak detection, pool maintenance, and pool cleaning.


Sanitizing: The Key to a Healthy Environment


In addition to our poop scooping services, we pride ourselves on our sanitizing processes. Our comprehensive approach ensures that any bacteria or parasites are removed, safeguarding the health of everyone who enjoys your outdoor space.


Pet Waste Management for Communities and HOAs


We also extend our services to communities and HOAs. Our professional pet waste management ensures a tidy environment for all residents. With our impeccable services, common areas and green spaces will be in pristine conditions, making them enjoyable for everyone.


Why Choose Our Dog Poop Pick Up Service?


Choosing our dog poop pick up service means opting for convenience and effectiveness. We stand by our satisfaction guarantee because we are committed to doing everything it takes until every dog owner is delighted with our work.


Move Forward with a Cleaner Outdoor Space Today


Contact EmpireHomeserv.com at 631-557-3012 for a free quote—and let us help you move towards maintaining a perpetually clean yard free from pet poop. With our dedicated dog waste removal services, you’ll never have to worry about this tedious chore again.

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