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Waste-Free Wonders: Eco-Friendly Dog Poop Pick Up Service

Managing Pet Waste Responsibly


As experts at EmpireHomeserv.com, we’re here to tell you that dealing with pet waste shouldn’t be a headache for dog owners. Our professional pooper scooper service is designed to make your life easier while ensuring that your outdoor spaces remain hygienic and enjoyable.


Why You Need a Professional Poop Scooping Service


Let’s face it, dog poop is more than just an unsightly mess; it’s also a health risk to pets and humans alike. That’s where our poop scooping services come in. Not only do we neatly clean up the waste, but we also provide sanitizing and deodorizing treatments to ensure your yard is a safe place for everyone to relax and play.


The Benefits of Choosing Our Regular Pet Waste Removal Services


Choosing a reliable pet waste service is key to ensure your home and backyard are clean and spotless. It is important to note that picking up your pet’s poop lying around will cause an unsightly, messy scene, and will welcome many undesired diseases, this is when our services come to the rescue with numerous benefits:

  • By choosing our weekly service or bi-weekly plans, you’re maintaining a consistently clean yard free from poo troubles. Our techs are committed to offering reliable dog poop removal on your preferred service day throughout the year, come rain or shine. 
  • We also understand that every home has different needs, which is why we cater to commercial properties and dog parks as well in our broad service area.
  • We are also advocates for regular pet waste removal which helps to eliminate unpleasant odors, creating a more enjoyable outdoor environment for you, your family, and your pets.
  • Whether you’re in Glendale or Scottsdale, we provide top-quality services contributing in the reduction of the spread of harmful bacteria and parasites found in pet waste, promoting a healthier yard for everyone to enjoy.
  • We also provide pet waste removal services that help prevent the attraction of pests such as flies and rodents, keeping your outdoor space cleaner and safer.


Eco-Friendly Practices for Sustainable Dog Poop Cleanup


Our pet waste removal company isn’t only about keeping spaces tidy; we’re also keenly aware of our environmental impact. That’s why we use sustainable practices in our dog waste removal service. From using biodegradable bags to employing eco-friendly cleaning agents, we’re here to support your green lifestyle while doing the dirty work.


EmpireHomeserv.com: Your Partner in Cleanliness


Our aim is straightforward – to offer you an outstanding pet waste removal service with satisfaction guarantee. You may also choose services daily, every week, or other week, EmpireHomeserv.com promises a waste-free yard year-round.


Pet Waste Stations and Additional Services


For communities and commercial properties, we supply pet waste stations that encourage responsible pet ownership while keeping common areas spotless. And for those extra-thorough cleanings or special events at home or neighborhood dog parks, you may book our add-on services.


Say Goodbye to Unwanted Messes


No more dodging around piles of waste during backyard festivities – with our dedicated cleanup service, your free yard awaits! Don’t let the thought of mucky messes ruin your outdoor experiences any longer!


Ready for a Spotless Outdoor Space?


Who knew managing dog waste could be so easy? With EmpireHomeserv.com by your side, you can enjoy those barefoot grassy strolls again in your clean yard, knowing the messy job is being tackled by caring professionals.


While we do not serve in arizona areas, we provide services in several NY city areas. Whether it’s a one-time cleanup or regular maintenance, we’ve got personalized plans that fit every budget and requirement. Reach out at 631-557-3012 for a free quote and take the first step towards living waste-free with ease!

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